Friday, April 08, 2005

A Plea for Help

We need children's shoes!!!

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As 1LT Burt was walking through medical facility here on the FOB, she saw one of the local Afghani children who are all too often treated here when their needs exceed what can be provided at the community hospital. The young lad of 8 or 9 was receiveing excellent treatment for his injuries, but what caught her attention was that he had outgrown his shoes and new shoes either could not be afforded or were not available. She knew this because the toes of his shoes had been cut off to allow his own toes to stick out. After making a few inquiries, she found out that this child was one of the lucky ones, at least he had something to protect the bottoms of his feet.

The lack of adequate clothing for children in this area is a significant problem that if we can any way help alleviate, will go vast distances to further gaining the goodwill of the local population.

We are asking for donations of children's shoes and clothes for distribution. Shoes and clothes only please, funds of any type CANNOT be accepted.

Donations should be directed to:

APO, AE 09314

Any assistance possible is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Brian --

What ages? Girls and Boys? I'm sure I could pick up a bunch of things at Goodwill for not much $$ to send.


Anonymous said...

Hey L and I can get with her Mom's Club for donations and I will check with my Rotary Club to pay for the postage. Hopefully we can get some good stuff to ya for the kids!

Pedro of Estes

devildog6771 said...

My nephew was killed in Kuwait a year ago this March. He left behind 4 little girls aged 7 mos. to 7 yrs. old. His last words were to please make sure my kids are looked after before he left.

I am trying to set up something with the help of the police dept. he worked with as as an honor to him to help your kids as he loved kids so much.

Is this ok with you. My thoughts were kids aren't responsible for war but victims. As much as he loved kids this would honor his memory.

Since you are a soldier I wanted your opinion. Would you feel it a worthy tribute to him or would you think it could cause problems if I do it this way?

It seemes to me that all of you guys do a lot for the kids. I think this is great. It also helps give back to you guys some of the humanity that the war takes away.

God Bless you all for your love and compassion.

Papa Ray said...

My Grand Daughter is going to contribute some clothes and shoes she has outgrew.

She is looking forward to taking them to the post office.

Continue the mission

Papa Ray
West Texas

Angel said...

1) You might contact Fran D. over at Adopt A Platoon and get signed up as a campaign contact. The org will tailor a campaign to your specific needs.

2) Another suggestion, contact Cheif Wiggles at Operation Give Operation Give was founded by the Chief during his deployment in Iraq and is a fantastic resource.

If you email me, I can provide you with both of thier addresses.


Anonymous said...

First, thanks for the blog Brian, the info is timely and much appreciated. Word has spread quickly regarding the shoes and within the next week, many will be on their way. When you are ready for another round, just send out the word. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

My name is Sgt Hook and launched a pretty successful shoe drive for the Afghan children while I was in the Stan last year. We've all redeployed but I continue to get offers of donations and would love to pass them onto you guys. Please shoot me an email and we can work out the details if you're interested.

You can also visit the website we set up for the program

Keep up the good work, you're making a difference.

Sgt Hook