Thursday, April 14, 2005

Contact with Task Force Sabre

As previously reported, 2-6 Cav is on the ground, or rather in the air here. I received a couple of requests to track down some people and make contact with them.

I can now report that both Warrant Officers Frazee and Purdy are alive and well in Salerno and enjoying it every bit as much as we are.

So sacred does our Adjutant, LT Burt take her duty of as the self-appointed OEF VI Cruise Director, that she managed to track Chief Purdy down in the chow hall and proclaim in her "Outdoor Voice", and much to the chagrin of the said Warrant Officer:

"Hey, Mr. Purdy, you're supposed to call your Mother."

I'm sure Mr. Purdy's coharts at the table will let him live this down, probably not, but we sure appreciate having all of them around, the Apaches are much quieter than the Marine Cobras when they fly over the FOB at night.


Haltom Higgs said...

Thanks for finding Robbie. We have been in contact a little and he has talked to his Mother. Thank you for all you are doing. God Bless all of you.

Haltom Higgs

Mom said...

Good a MOM I can say I appreciate your help..hehe
Hope "Robbie" appreciates it too.