Saturday, October 09, 2004

Presidential Debates

I haven't written anything about the presidential debates. I don't believe that there is going to be any true meaasure of who one or lost the debates other than at the polls on November 2nd so trying to analyze performance in a 90 minute question and answer period is academic at best. I honestly don't believe that there are enough "undecided" people in the voting population, to make a difference on that day.

That said, I was sadly disappointed in the President's performance during the first debate. The substance of the material being debated clearly favored the President, but the style and presentation weighed heavily in favor of Senator Kerry. I see this as a microcosm of the entire campaign. Senator Kerry is certainly the more polished politician. He presents what he thinks the audience of the moment wants to hear in the most pleasing manner in which he can present it. Conversely, the president, presents his position, reinforces it, makes no apologies for it, and does not try to pander to the audience by trying to spin it.

After being immersed in Kerry style politics for as many years as we can remember, we are unprepared for and consequently blindsided by the honesty of the President. Are we so innundated by politicians patronizing us that that we are unprepared for a leader who unhesitatingly makes clear, moral decisions and stands by them? I suppose those who are unprepared for this will interpret this as disegenuous, I take this as exactly the opposite. Honesty is not always good news, but it's what we need to hear and what a leader has the responsibility to tell us.

The second debate is starting now, I'm sure there will be more to follow.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Another excursion, to Pisa this time. Posted by Hello

Pam attempts some Public service for Italy Posted by Hello
Bush way ahead.

One of the nice things about living overseas is that you get to vote early. The exit polls have the president ahead 100% to 0%.