Sunday, March 14, 2004

Have a few days off. Katie, the barmaid at the Irish House celbrated her birthday this weekend. Her mother and a friend flew in from Dublin. Her mothers birthday as well, so we had them over to the house for some cake and a few drinks. Katie's mother Mave, proved to be a very pleasant lady and invited us back to Ireland as well as to vist her at her vacation house in Normandy, France early next month. Took everyone back to the Irish House. Apparantly mark felt a bit guilty about speaking harshly to Katie whlie her mother was there on Friday, and gave cake and champagne to the regulars gathered there at midnight. Turned out to be a very nice evening.
Went to Ireland over the 4 day weekend in February. Both Pam's birthday and valentines day. Flew directly into Kerry. Rented a car about the size of a shoebox and spent a few minutes driving around the parking lot trying to get used to the steering wheel being on the right. Found driving on the left side of the road easier than I thought. Drove out the Dingle penninsula to find a B&B which I had tried to make reservations with. Found the B&B but no answer at the door. Talked to some people in the village and found that since it was the off season, not much was open. it was recommended that we drive over Connor pass into the village of Dingle where we were assured much more would be open. Connor proved to be a very windng narrow road, but the view is fantastic. Stopped at the top and hiked up a few hundred yards to find a crystalline lake and an even more fantatic view. Made our way into Dingle and found it very accomodating. Picture perfect Irish village with very friendly people. Next day drove to Slaugh Head, and saw about a million sheep and fantastic coastline scenery. Next day to Killarney. had to find a internet cafe to catch the result of the Avs-Red Wings game (Avs won). Did some shopping had a few pints and headed back along the cowtrail roadways to Dingle. Up early the next morning to ctch the flight back to Frankfurt. Great trip, looking forward to getting back there again.Starting Over...Again
Well, it's been a busy few months since the last post. Spent the Christmas holidays in London. Beautiful city. Difficult to imagine all the history there even as you walk around and see it. Flew in on Christmas eve day, so by the time we got out and started walking around a bit there wasn't too much open, but it there also weren't any crowds. Found a wonderful cathedral for midnight mass. Large, empty and very dark until midnight when the priest proclaimed the birth of Christ, the entire sanctuary was illuminated. Altar boys and girls lined both sides of the sanctuary ringing bells and banging drum. Beautiful and well done. It was also incredibly warm for the time of year, so it was pleasant walking around the major tourist section in the city center. It was almost as if we had the city to ourselves. Spent a majority of Christmas Day walking, but were able to find a very nice restaurant in the Sheraton for Christmas dinner. Found a few pubs open and ended up back at the room around 8:00. Tube was open on the 26th, Tower bridge was a disapointment and didn't feel like standing in line for the Tower of london. Spent some time at Picadilly Circus. Went to a play there on Saturday, and spen most of Sunday getting back out.Starting Over...Again