Saturday, April 16, 2005

Operation Walk Tall Update

We're beginning to see a steady stream of boxes for Operation Walk Tall now. We have a decent base to begin with. If the flow keeps up, we should be able to make our initial distribution in a couple of weeks and then work to build this into an enduring program for whatever unit follows us on here.

A couple of admin notes here:

JeanneD and Angel, I don't have email addresses for you, you can write and Jeanne you can tell SFC B to pony up too.

DevilDog6771, Not only do I think it very appropriate, I think your nephew would be proud and honored.

PapaRay, All I can say is thank you, and God bless both you and your grand-daughter.

Pedro, Well, just thanks, and I can't wait to fall off the wagon with you at the highlands fest.

And to all the many others who have contacted us, thank you again for making these children's lives and our jobs a little easier.

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