Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Soldiers as Political Fodder

Yesterday I wanted to distance myself from the presidential campaign. I wanted to take a couple of days and not even think about it regardless of the convention. I wanted to do this because I didn't want to develop a hatred towards Democrats and Liberals. I can't help but think that the overall idiocy of the demonstrations in NYC will ultimately drive more undecideds towards the Republican agenda. The hatred these people are displaying towards Republican delegates and Republicans in general is sickening. I can take all the taunting of delegates in Times Square, the harrassing of delegates until 5 A.M., and the picture taking of delegates in strip clubs, these are nothing more than a bunch of idiots giving the Democratic party and their agenda a horrible image.

What I can't take though is the thought process of the Democratic party leadership. Here the party pollsters admit a Bush gain in the polls and blame it on the "..Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads (attacking Kerry's Vietnam service) have had an impact on the race," according to the Democracy Corps memo.
Those attacks combined with the Summer Olympics have combined to "shift the focus away from Iraq..."

I take this to mean that the best thing that can happen in James Carville's twisted mind is for more soldiers and Marines to die in Iraq and Afghanistan so they can get the public focused less on Olympics, the NFL and NASCAR, and more on the death and destruction. "Sorry for those guys that got blownup by the IED, but they are a necessary casualty in the War of the polls. C'mon guys hurry up and get the casualty count to a thousand. If you could do it before the end of the RNC, that would be great."

These are my soldiers, my comrades, and my friends. Anyone who would use them as political fodder, deserves to be exposed for the unmitigated arrogance and detatched ignorance that they maintain.

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