Sunday, August 29, 2004

It Starts by Being Personal

I guess you can tell from the past few posts that I am starting to take the elections a little personal. It should be personal, that is what representative government is all about. What I find most irritating though is that the majority of those who criticize the President don't seem to be as interested in their representation in Washington as they are with assigning blame for everything bad that has happened. Senator Kerry has capitalized on this by publicizing all the bad things that have happened since January 2001 and laying it at the feet of the current administration. What this results in though is more of an anti-Bush sentiment than a pro-Kerry one. The Senator hopes this will translate into votes. Whether they are "Yellow Dog" (where somone would vote for an old yellow dog before they voted for the incumbent) votes or people who actually believe that he can actually be a better president than Bush is irrelevant as long as he gets the vote.

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