Tuesday, August 31, 2004

News Flash...Muslim Extremists Hate America

The prevailing message from the Democrats is now that the world is a more dangerous due to the war in Iraq, that the war has generated more hatred towards the US rather than less. Does anyone East of Hollywood with an IQ greater than 42 actually believe that the hatred we see exhibited in the streets of Baghdad today did not exist to an even greater extent 5 years ago?, Ten years ago.
Hatred and intolerance by Muslim extremists (and I emphasize extremists) is not a product of the US it has been there for thousands of years veiled by totalitarian governments. Maybe the Democrats are right. Maybe we should go back to the status quo, aid in the installation of ruthless dictators who would simply obliterate anyone they thought posed a threat to their hold on power and turn a blind eye to it.
When these states begin to harbor and support terrorists, we can ignore them until we are actually attacked in our streets, lob a few cruise missles in their direction, pat ourselves on the back for our decisive action then blame the incumbant party for allowing us to be attacked and demand compensation for everything that has ever gone bad in our lives, while we stick our head as far back into the sand as we can get it.

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