Friday, August 20, 2004

Moral High Ground

It is time for the liberal left to acknowledge that the high moral ground they believe they occupy is nothing more than a soapbox from which to spout nonsensical anti-Bush rhetoric and one built on a very shaky foundation at that.This is the soapbox from which you hear that an unsubstantiated and non-specific statement that some Islamic radicals hated America was more than enough for the president to glean the unprecedented attacks of 9/11, but intelligence verified and supported by multiple agencies and countries was not enough to take action against Iraq. This is the same podium from which we hear of the president’s responsibility for the intelligence failure, but nothing of the Clinton administration’s systematic decimation of our human intelligence assets throughout the 1990s. This is where we hear of “obscene profits” by Halliburton, a company that reported a $820 million loss in 2003. It is from this soapbox that we have to endure a never-ending cavalcade of attacks on the president’s character but nothing about Kerry’s shameless use of the Navy’s “Thrice Wounded” policy to flee Vietnam after four months with wounds that required little treatment and no hospitalization.Spout what you will from this soapbox, but the leadership I desire for the military whose uniform I wear is not the one who says “I must find out where my people are going so I can lead them,” but the one who sets the clear, decisive, and moral course and says “Follow me.”

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