Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Snowday at Bagram

In the midst of everything else that has been happening, I failed to point out one significant event.  During my morning two-wheeled commute to the other end of Metropolis on Sunday; I felt an extra chill in the air and a closer inspection revealed snow on the mountains around BAF. 


This is significant for a couple of reasons, one, it tends to drive the cave-dwellers out of the mountains and underground for the next few months.  That's not to say that some enterprising young zealot won't poke his head up from time to time, but for the most part, they will head to warmer climes to regroup, lick their wounds, and ponder the futility of their chose quest.


Secondly, there was snow on the mountains when we arrived in Afghanistan and it's return is just one more sign of the approaching end of our rotation.  It can’t come soon enough.



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devildog6771 said...

Even though you are at war, snow on the mountain top must have been very beautiful. I am glad it also signifies that you are almost headed home. Be safe!