Thursday, October 06, 2005

All Good Things to Those Who Wait

Just as it begins to seem that there is no end to the tedium of the passing days, we begin to get subtle and poigniant reminders that the sand continues to fall through the hour glass and time continues its relentless march.

Pam writes that the weather has changed in Colorado, and while that's significant considering that the leaves hadn't even budded when I left for this place, there was an occurence of even greater significance yesterday.

At midnight Dublin Pub Time, after 16 months, the NHL finally dropped the puck for a regular season game. 15 regular season games actually, as all 30 teams were in action for the first night of the 2005-06 hockey season. Now, since there are only about 409 hockey fans remaining, and 398 of those live in Canada, this is important to the rest of us because, in the words of Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men, "Six months is nothing, it's a hockey season." In actuality, we have less than 5 months remaining here and we'll be home for the playoffs. Game On.

I hesitate to write about another occurence because I don't want my motivations for this blog to be misunderstood, but the word is out and it is significant. Black Five reported yesterday that Simon and Schuster has agreed to publish a collection from military bloggers sometime in mid to late 2006. They have graciously requested permission to publish several pieces from this blog, and if they meet the editor's intent, you may see them in print next year.

Whether or not anything from this blog is included, this proves to be a milestone event. The power that an anthology like this can have to change the perception of not only the war, but also of those who fight it is astounding. In my opinion, it couldn't come at a better time. These are perceptions that need to be changed and the viewpoints of my blog bretheren should should be disseminated in every manner possible.

I fully intend to read this book from cover to cover...while on a beach in the Virgin Islands sipping a refreshing beverage. All good things to those who wait.

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devildog6771 said...

I can only read your posting if I highligt it like I'm going to copy it. It looks like your letters are black on a black background except for one oaragraph!

Good news by the way. I can't agree more. I can't wait for the book.