Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Transfer of Authority

Ok, it's official, Logistics Task Force 191 received the transfer of authority today from the 524th. LTF 191 is now in command of all logistics in this area of Afghanistan, and the 524th is headed back to Hawaii...I wonder who got the better end of this deal?

This 14 day overlap, referred to as a Relief in Place (RIP) or Left Seat/Right Seat has been an interesting experience and obviously an necessary one. While we were fully trained up in the doctrinal methodology of providing logistic support to manuver units, learning the local processes that are in place are a requisite piece of the functionality. The 524th were professional and comprehensive albeit eager and well-motivated teachers to their replacements. They have done good work here through the conduct of OEF V and in a way I am disappointed that we will not have the opportunity to remain in place as long as they did and compare our accomplishments to theirs on an equal basis. Be that as it may, I am eager to see what achievements we can complete in our time here.

Aloha, 524th and Mahalo.

191st, Let's put some lipstick on this pig and see if we can get it to sing.

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