Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Apparent End of the Holy War

Consistent with the ongoing trend of human conflict in which wars no longer conclude with grandiose ceremonies and treaties by which all abide, but rather fade away and die with a whimper; it would appear that the Holy War has ended...Jimminyhad is dead.

There was no apocaplyptic battle, no storming of the gates. LTC Langowski returned to his tent and exclaimed, to no one in particular, "Hey, a cricket.".....Stomp!

Nary a chirp has been heard since, but we await the rise of the insurgency.


Papa Ray said...


They WILL be back..and they are bringing friends.

Friends that want to suck your BLOOD..

Papa Ray
West Texas

devildog6771 said...

You just wait. They are smart. They are simply in retreat to regroup. Then look out.

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