Friday, August 19, 2005

The Shoulder of the Mountain

Sometimes it's called a “false summit” because as a climber works his way up the most difficult vertical parts of the ascent, it appears as a horizon with nothing but blue sky and emptiness behind it. When the shoulder is reached however, the climber sees that it is not the summit, but merely an intervening crest which marks the final ascent to the apex.


With 10 days remaining here until both the halfway point of our deployment as well as my 2 week R&R leave, I fell as though I have reached the shoulder of this mountain. The summit is in sight and the ascent is no longer hand over hand and searching for toeholds but walking upright, breathing easier with a clear field of vision.


By the time I take leave, It will have been 8 months since I have seen my wife and I hold no illusions about the hiatus passing slowly, but I wouldn't trade those fleeting moments for the world.


So even if this isn't what Churchill referred to as the beginning of the end, at least I can see it from here.



Papa Ray said...

I'm glad your going to get to go home. Your right, your time there will fly by and too soon it will be time to head back "over there".

But I disagree with it being the beginning of the end.

Its just the Beginning of WW III or IV or what ever name your most confortable with.

Continue the Mission

Papa Ray
West Texas

bozette said...

You are doing a GREAT job. Thank You Soooooooooooo Much. You don't know how much it means to us back home. I have a cousin who leaves to Fort Leonard Wood for boot camp next week. He will be training for a Combat Engineer. Whatever that means. We are very Proud Of Your Services. Agian THANK YOU

devildog6771 said...

Glad to hear that. Now don't get distracted. Keep you head and your butt down.
Then go home to that dear wife of yours and make little thunders. Lol. Did I say that? That's more than I need to say. Sorry!
Any way you get the picture. Have a much deserved time off with your family. I am sorry it is so short.

I'm sorry to say Pappa Ray is right. That is what this is and sadly too many people at home and abroad refuse to see it. It's the Invasion of Poland, then Belgium all over again.

What happens in Iraq will be a key element to how long this all plays out.

Sean from DocintheBox said...

Keep your head down and have fun on your R&R!

Will (Utica, NY) said...

I back you 100%, enjoy your R&R.Actually I just came across your blog and your writing and thoughts are excellent.I have a way to go before I read all the posts but I will do it.God bless and stay safe.