Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Help!! I'm Blind.

I have ventured into a new realm.  Blind Blogging.


In an effort to save band width, the sensitivity of the Websense system here has been significantly increased.  Unfortunately this means that I can no longer see my own blog.  I still have a workaround that allows me to post, but I can no longer see the site.  I would ask that people tell me if anything is significantly wrong but I won’t be able to see any comments that are left here either. 


I will continue posting to both this blog, and it’s soulmate, Firepower Forward (at Typepad)  I can’t see this site either, but I can retrieve comments through a backdoor.  So if you’re posting comments for the general audience, feel free to leave them at either site, or both.  But if this site is really screwed up or you think it’s important that I see the comments, please go to Firepower Forward (at Typepad).


Thank you to everyone for your continued support and interest.

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