Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bright Lights, Big City

Well, our mission at FOB Salerno has ended, and we have pulled back to Bagram Air Field. After the reasonably spartan accommodations in Salerno, this is a veritable Shangri-La with its white lights and paved roads, multiple PX's, Burger King, and Dairy Queen. I suppose it still qualifies as a combat zone but it's hard to understand why. I know that the thrill of all the amenities will wear off quickly, and we will soon be left with the fact that it is crowded, busy, and dirty. I know that I will soon feel the pangs of guilt for my ease of accomodations here when there are so many still trying to better their meager existences in Ghazni, Tarin Kowt, Orgun-E, and a multitude of other microscopic little FOBs carved out of the wilderness. For today though, I still feel like the country bumpkin who moves to the city and gawks at all the tall buildings and modern appliances.

That said, here are the top ten lies told about FOB Salerno:

10 - It Doesn't get that cold here.
9 - A C-130 will land in 20 minutes.
8 - It doesn't get that hot here.
7 - A C-130 will land in an hour.
6 - Communications will be back up in a few minutes.
5 - The new barracks will be finished next week.
4 - A C-130 will be here today.
3 - It only takes a few minutes to get a haircut here.
2 - We don't get many rockets here.
1 - Of course the Air Force knows where FOB Salerno is.


Mom said...

Country Bumpkin ya say?
Hey now you are playing my part.
Enjoy it while you can. Get an icecream cone for me. I do not believe I have had icecream in a year or so.

Special Forces Alpha Geek said...

Wow, they have a Burger King on Bagram now? When we came out of the field, the big deal for us was the coffee shop next to the PX - you could get a mocha.

Seriously, glad you made it back from Salerno . . . enjoy your stay on Bagram.


You sure that's about Salerno?

Sounds alot like Keflavik Iceland to me. LOL

Great blog, I guess some things are universal.

Rob Purdy said...

Don't forget about us down here in Salerno, Sir. Stop by TF Sabre anytime when passing through. We all love the blog. Stay safe (easier in Baghram)

Karen said...

Top Ten Lies list is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

My son is getting ready to leave Afghanistan and should be arriving at Bagram any day. He's a Marine. He's only a L/Cpl., but could I interest you in trying to look him up and telling him his parents love him, are proud of him, and can't wait to see him step off the plane!

It would play havoc with his mind that old dad has connections throughout the internet.