Friday, October 27, 2006

I thought of calling this post "Farewell to the Trinity" but I realized I already have a post by that name when 3/3 Marines left Salerno in June last year.

This is not about that Trinity, or even the Holy trinity, but of the other Trinity, Captains Burt, Giera, and Parrish who were 3 of my staff officers throughout the Afghanistan deployment. The other major component of the staff was Captain Mahoney who was the S-3 or simply the "3". SInce Tucker has already left Germany and is currently making his way through the Career Course in Ft. Lee, VA; this is not about the "3" but the "Three"

Two of the "Three" are making their way out of Germany in search of new adventures and I can't help feeling that we have reached the end of an era. Captain Burt will join Tucker at the Career Course before going to better things, maybe in the Army, maybe not. Captain Giera is leaving the Army in favor of a law enforcement job in North Carolina but with one foot inthe Army through the Reserves, we probably haven't heard the last of her either.

What follows is something I threw together for their farewell luncheon the other day:

Unsure of what I’d hear when I stepped through the door
Of my new BC’s office on this eve of war.

Said Langowski to the XO here is your team.
Please don’t worry, they’re not as surly as they seem.

A Captain as a 3 was not meant to be
for he was now a Major And can be of more use in counting containers

A Lieutenant as a 3? How will we get on?
Ah, no worries Ferris Beuhler is made of Teflon.

But this ode is not of that 3 but of those 3
It makes a more interesting story you see.

Your 1 is a star, he said, she smiles all the time,
And assumes all the taskings without whimper or whine.

She’s my number 2 Lieutenant, who could ask for more?
In fact she’s so good, she’s also your 4

Your 2 has potential, for excellence she’ll strive
Given the time she may even learn how to drive.

I fret for the rear so PBUSE must stay
Lest MAJ Roose give all my property away

So downrange for property who else could it be,
Only the third member of the Lieutenant Trinity.

She need only learn PBUSE and the property book ways
She has plenty of time, an entire 3 days.

So off they fly with a mighty whoosh
To transform the land of the Hindu-Kush

Salerno’s not nearly as bad as it seems,
There’s always the bazaar and espresso at the Green Bean

Then the rockets explode with a thunderous roar
So we grab our gear and head for the door

We must have our people we lack only three
Damn those Lieutenants, where the hell could they be?

“We were on a mission of great importance it seems
Swirling green tea with our friend Noor Amin.”

3 months in Salerno and their mission is done
So it’s off to Bagram in search of more fun.

Much of that year now is now lost in a haze
Wondering how those 3 passed their days

The PBO says sir my 1 block you must erase
Though I have not failed my mission, I’ve signed for half the base.

My judgment has been questioned and my career now doomed
For my poor choice in clothing for my Halloween costume.

The S2 says these MP’s are incompetent you see,
Armed only with my knives, I’ll find the detainees

And the 1 keeps smiling irregardless of what’s said
And boldly wades in where Angel fears to tread.

After only a year the Trinity is done
We must go back home for BAF has no more fun.

We came and we worked and have been all we could be
Suffering under TJ, and Dad, and of course STG.

So back to Germany the Triplets fly
Where they meet their friends and all hug and cry

While all good things must end, and these things must be,
Though two are now leaving they are forever the Trinity.

Best of Luck to Kristin and Trish, they will be stars in whatever they decide to do.

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