Friday, November 11, 2005

Back to Bagram Once Again

As promised, I have once again returned to Metropolis.  The hustle and bustle of this fortified American city in the middle of Afghanistan is much the same as I left it with the exception of the weather.  Not long before my Pakistan journey, people around here would have killed or died for a cloud.  Since my return on Tuesday, not only do I think I haven't seen blue sky, I have actually witnessed precipitation.  When the clouds do lift a bit you can see that the snow level is creeping down the mountains and the temperature is dropping right along with it. 


Hard to believe we're only 2 weeks from Thanksgiving.  While many people may find the thought of the Holidays here in the Hinterland a little depressing, Thanksgiving will be significant, because it brings with it, the coveted century mark - 100 days remaining.


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